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Corlatean: There is a viewpoint difference with Lavrov on advance pace in substantive issues 5+2 negotiations


There is a difference between the way in which the Europeans see the pace at which the negotiations on the most difficult substantive issues in solving the Transnistrian conflict in the 5+2 format must be carried out and the position voiced by the Russian Foreign Minister, said Romanian chief diplomat Titus Corlatean, who participated in the works of the Foreign Affairs Council (CAE), but also in a working lunch with Sergey Lavrov, on the CAE sidelines, in Luxembourg, on Octomber 15.

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister maintains that in the working lunch with the Russian chief diplomat they talked about the European Union’s (EU) strategic partnership with Russia, energy-related issues, but also about the visa regime, in the bilateral relation. ‘On one of the topics on the agenda, namely that of ‘Crisis management,’ there have been some short interventions related with solving the Transnistrian conflict, the 5+2 format, which, has begun to work again. Even if small steps were taken, this is still an important thing, as the negotiations continue, with a certain frequency, and, I hope that in the future the substantive issues could be discussed, the ones representing the really relevant topics in solving the Transnistrian conflict, by observing, and this was the wider position of the European ministers, the territory integrity an the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova,’ Titus Corlatean said, after the CAE meeting.

‘Probably concerning the pace at which the discussions on the most difficult substantive issues should advance, there really has been a difference in the way in which we, the Europeans, see things and the way in which the Russian Foreign Minister voiced his opinion. Nonetheless, I believe that at the moment we must maintain the relaunched dynamics of the 5+2 format contacts, as we support the continuation, the advance of this format, we must support a more active presence not only of OSCE, but of the EU and the USA in the discussions carried out in this format,’ the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister said.

He pointed out that he presented in the CAE the letter initiated by Romania and signed by other seven EU ministers for the adoption as soon as possible of a decision on advancing to the second stage of the action plan for the liberalization of the visa regime for the Republic of Moldova.


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