„Tombs of Bronze and Iron Age” international colloquium, in Buzau


Researchers of nine countries, in the period October 18-20 this year, are expected in Buzau (southern Romania), in the ‘Tombs of Bronze and Iron Age of Eurasia’ international colloquium.

According to the County Museum of Buzau, Sebastian Matei, researchers of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Belgium and Romania announced their participation in the 13th international funerary archaeology colloquium.

„The debates will focus on the funeral rites and rituals of the two ages, each researcher coming with his own contribution and the conclusions will be published in Mosaios magazine,” Sebastian Matei told Agerpres.

The scientific event is organized by the County Museum of Buzau, in collaboration with the Museum of Braila, the International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences and the Association for Studies of Funerary Archaeology.

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