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Martens: Resuming battle against President Basescu would be terrible mistake


Resuming the battle against President Traian Basescu, as it happened this summer, would be a terrible mistake, since important now is the existence of a balanced relation between the president and the Government, the European People’s Party (EPP) President Wilfried Martens said, after the party ended its 21st Congress at Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament.

‘I think that, after the important decisions of the Constitutional Court this summer, the required conditions have been created for a balanced relation between President Basescu and the Government. I am confident that both sides are convinced there is need for such balance’, Martens said in answer to a question relating an action to suspend the Romanian president.

Martens stressed Romania is not the only country in the European Union where the country’s president and premier come from political parties with differing views and he gave the example of France.

The EPP leader, in answer to another question, stressed there can never be said that ‘the member states are the slaves of the European institutions.’ He added the European Commission, in its capacity of the guardian of the EU Treaties, can step in when the members break the community laws, but he pointed out the decisions in the EU Council and the European Council are made by the 27 members in common.

Martens said he wants Romania to be at the centre of the European project and his message to the EPP Congress is one of political solidarity with Romania.

On the other hand, he explained that the criteria for naming a candidate to the future European Commission presidency, after 2014, will begin being defined early next year. The EPP will put forward names of possible candidates no earlier than towards the end of next year, he added.

In the broader context of the European economic situation, Martens pronounced for more discipline in the EU budget and at the same time for stimulus measures aimed at the economic growth. ‘We need competitiveness and growth’, the EPP leader said.


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