Oprescu: We need investments, as we want Bucharest to become development engine for Romania


General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, in a meeting with representatives of Skanska Group Swedish Company, a company with expertise in the construction area, underlined that the optimal solution for a city to develop was signing private-public partnerships, adding that Bucharest still needed investments.

The Bucharest Mayor hailed the comeback of the Swedish company on the Romanian market and showed his openness to initiate some common projects, taking into account the development potential of Bucharest.

‘Over the past years, Bucharest began to change for the better, to modernize, vital projects for the Capital were developed, mainly infrastructure and municipal facilities (stadium, schools, hospitals), but we still need investments, as we want to become a development engine for Romania,’ the General mayor said.

The General Mayor presented the Swedish several significant projects that the municipality planned to develop in the same system.

In his turn, Skanska CEO Andreas Lindelof presented a number of high-importance projects that the Swedish constructor developed in several European capitals. He voiced his availability of starting long-term partnerships with the municipality of Bucharest on infrastructure projects.

Sorin Oprescu and the Skanka representatives established that in the coming period the specialists of the municipality and of the Swedish company would work out the coordinates of a future collaboration.

Skanka was established in 1887 in Sweden and is currently one of the most important companies with expertise in private-public partnerships in Europe, mainly in the areas of infrastructure, schools, hospitals and roads. Skanska is among the first ten largest construction companies worldwide and has 53,000 employees. The company is present on the markets of the US, Latin America and Europe (Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Romania), informs the City Hall of Bucharest.

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