Proposal is made to raise direct public acquisitions cap to 30,000 euros

The chairman of the National Authority for the Public Acquisitions Regulation and Monitoring said he had made a proposal in a draft law to raise the cap for the direct public acquisitions to 30,000 euros from 15,000 euros starting Jan. 1, 2013.

Said Dan Vladescu at a news conference: „I proposed to modify the public acquisitions law, I posted such proposals on the institution’s website, there were discussions with the ministries involved, with the business circles and the Brussels officials. We’ll adopt these modifications by Urgent Ordinance or by another type of act.

In this draft act, I propose to raise the direct public acquisitions caps to 30,000 euros for all types of contracts. /…/ The caps set in the European directives for the direct acquisitions are much higher than what we propose. We want to raise such caps for all types of contracts to 30,000 euros from 15,000 euros, while the caps in the European directives stand at 130,000 euros for goods and services and 5 million euros for works”.

He added the modification to the acquisitions law also sets an obligation for all direct acquisitions having a value put at 5,000 euros to be notified in the Electronic Public Acquisitions System so that any taxpayer from across Romania should know how the public money has been spent.

Vladescu underscored the raised caps is not a move meant to put the governing alliance at an advantage, but to make the manner of assigning the contracts more flexible.


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