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Romanian Numismatic Society reconnects with congress-holding tradition


The first international congress of numismatics takes place between Oct. 18 – 20 in Brasov (171 km north of Bucharest) under the organization of the Romanian Numismatic Society – Brasov branch, the Brasov County Council and the ‘Reduta’ Brasov Cultural Centre.

„We are actually trying to revive an interwar tradition, in line with the entire policy of the Numismatic Society; it has been out general policy to respect our traditions from the beginnings. The society was founded in 1903, and will celebrate next year 110 years of uninterrupted activity. As early as in 1933, when the society turned 30, our predecessors deemed necessary to organize a string of congresses, but this tradition was discontinued after the war and we now want to resume it. During the communist period, the Numismatic Society survived with a statute at first just half, then fully accepted by the authorities, but we were unable to organize international events. We are trying to reconnect with tradition from where we left it,” president of the Romanian Numismatic Society and head of the Numismatic Club of the Romanian Academy Emanuel Petac told .

Attending the congress in Brasov are museographers, researchers and collectors from Romania, as well as renowned peer experts from the Republic of Moldova, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine.

According to Emanuel Petac, the congress is held in two sections: ancient numismatics, covering the Greco-Roman and medieval period beginning with the Byzantine times until the developed Middle Ages (centuries 16, 17), the other one with papers on the modern and contemporary era, specifically beginning with the 18th century till today.

„It gives experts the opportunity to hold talks, but also brings together the top-most representative collectors, because back in 1903 when it was set up, this society was a group of professionals and collectors organized by the model of the other contemporary societies; in those times there were serious collectors and collections in Romania dating back to the mid-19th century. Consequently, we deemed necessary to organize a numismatic society after the model of France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary,” said Emanuel Petac.

All papers presented by the 70 participants in the two sections of the congress will be published in a volume next year.


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