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Defence Minister: We want to turn Army back to tradition


National Defence Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu, after he visited the military technique exhibition of Izvor Park, dedicated to Romania’s Army Day, said that the Ministry he led wanted to turn the Amy back to tradition.

He pointed out that Army Day this year would be organized through a number of much wider events than those the Ministry conducted until present on such occasions.

‘We want to resend military to where Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, the Brancoveanu family, who are symbols of our history, have their eternal resting places,’ the Defence Minister said.

Dobritoiu added that such events would also take place where difficult battles for the Romanian Army took place, in Oarba de Mures, Paulis, Marasti and Marasesti, in order to give a different emotional charge to such occasions.

‘These people do a huge service,’ the Defence Minister said, referring to the Romanian military.

According to Corneliu Dobritoiu, the Romanian Army was called ‘the great voiceless,’ as the Army ‘was not vocal, did not come out in the press.’

At the same time, the Defence Minister did not forget to mention the financial difficulties the Romanian Army was confronted with. ‘(…) instruction is carried out painfully, but when it is being done with a lack of funds, on a destructuring budget, then the pain is even greater, as one cannot work,’ Dobritoiu said.

This year we celebrate 150 years from the establishment of the National Defence Ministry and 10 years of uninterrupted participation of the Romanian Army in the operations of Afghanistan.


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