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Corlatean: Romania’s relation with UN acquires strong institutional dimension


In recent years, Romania’s relationship with the system of the United Nations has acquired a strong institutional dimension, Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean said on Tuesday.

Attending an event marking the United Nations’ Day in Romania, Corlatean explained that this is due to the creation of the transit center for refugees in Timisoara (west) and of the Bucharest center for the training of protection staff for peacekeeping missions.

Corlatean stressed that 2012 is a landmark year in the activity of the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE), as it marks 150 years since the organization of Romania’s diplomatic service and 130 years since the birth of diplomat Nicolae Titulescu.

„History shows that Romania and its diplomats have not wavered from the UN principles, despite tremendous pressure I no longer need to evoke, in critical moments when the Organization was called upon to take the wisest decisions,’ said Corlatean.

„Multilateralism remains the prevailing framework for the promotion of the Romanian foreign policy. Because realistically we have a limited capacity to significantly influence a high number of international cases, we must select with pragmatism the subjects that can provide substance to us and assert our profile at multilateral levels with beneficial consequences on bilateral policy,” said Corlatean.

The Foreign Minister also presented Romania’s activity inside the UN after 1989. „Seeking an Euro-Atlantic identity, Romania was given by the UN the opportunity to affirm its profile as a security-providing country by participating in regional voluntary operations – the operation in Albania – the reforming institutional formulas created inside the UN and large-scale initiatives by future intra-NATO partners,” he said.

Corlatean also said that the UN membership has allowed Romania to get involved at a higher level of visibility and credibility in another field that is specific to the UN, that of human rights and democracy promotion. In this context, the minister said he intends to bring the resolution on human rights initiated by Romania on the agenda of the UN General Assembly.

Attending the event, president of the Lower House Foreign Policy Committee Laszlo Borbely said that the human relationships are very important inside the UN.

„As concerns Romania’s relations with the UN, there is room for improvement. We need to discuss inside the government, with the decision makers. We could be better represented at the UN. We need ability and people assigned to lobbying,” said the deputy.

In turn, MAE Secretary of State Dan Petre said that Romania should have a voice in what concerns the reform of the UN, showing that a forum is needed where all global partners can be heard.

Also present at the event were Academician Mircea Malita, representatives of the UN expert agencies and of the diplomatic missions in Bucharest.


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