World’s most expensive honey, jam produced in Transylvania, unveiled at Global Food Marketplace

The most expensive jam and honey in the world produced in Transylvania (central-western region) were unveiled on Tuesday at the Global Food Marketplace – SIAL Fair in Paris, under the brand The Art of DAR, ADEPT Transilvania and AGAPIS Salaj foundations reported in a release sent to Agerpres.

The products are unique and this is due to the superior quality of products, honey from the Barcaului Valley and jam prepared according to the special recipe of Gerda Gherghiceanu in Viscri, the region Tarnava Mare. These regions are renowned for their biodiversity and the organic land, with no chemical fertilizers or insecticides.

For each product sold, five oaks will be planted and will carry the name of the person who bought the preserving jar.

The jam and honey The Art of DAR were launched on the market in a limited series, 1001 pieces for each region, Tarnava Mare and Barcaului Valley.

The products The Art of DAR are created to promote the aforementioned regions, their rich biodiversity, craftsmen and local products.


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