Basescu, to military: I know you want NATO standards, I understand your hope, I admire your patience


President Traian Basescu in the message to the military on the Romanian Army Day occasion said that he knew they wanted the NATO member states’ army standards and the reform support with the appropriate financial resources, giving guarantees of the entire support of the commander of the armed forces in the reform achievement in the military area.

‘Each day, October 25, the Romanian Army Day, provides me with the opportunity of addressing all those who served the Romanian Army and those who still serve at present and to voice my gratitude to the Romanian soldier who sacrificed himself, remaining, most times, anonymous, so that his name be identified, for eternity, with that of his country and people. The Romanian Army presents on its celebration with the heritage of traditions that dignified its evolution until present and with the professionalism, force and determination of an elite structure, dynamic and modern, ready at all times to perform its duty,’ the President’s message shows.

He underscored that, for Romanians, the day of October 25, 1944, is a chronological landmark in the military traditions’ calendar, pointing out that the freedom of a nation was gained with suffering and sacrifice.

‘A warm homage we pay to the brave war veterans, true life models for all of us, whom we ensure of all our high regard and gratitude. They remind us that national freedom is not received as a gift, but is difficultly conquered, with suffering and sacrifice. Dear military, I am pleased with the fact that you understood that glory cannot be achieved only through the ancestors’ merits and you work on building a professional army, truly modern, made up of flexible units and reduced staff, capable of prompt reactions, appropriate to crisis situations,’ the President’s message also mentions.

He told the Romanian military that, through their participation in missions outside the national territory, in conflict areas, under the coordination of the UN, NATO or the EU, as well as within the multinational coalitions, they contributed to the consistent enhancement of Romania’s international prestige.

In context, the brought to mind the Romanian heroes who died in the theatres of operations, underlining that the Romanian Army, over this period ‘of profound changes and participations in foreign missions,’ paid its tribute ‘of blood and tears.’

The President voiced his conviction that the Romanian Army would always honour its tradition, purpose and mission of fundamental institution of the Romanian State and repay, through devotion, courage and honour, the confidence it enjoys on behalf of the Romanian citizens and of our country’s partners and allies.

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