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Gov’t adviser: Romania has a chance to unblock pre-suspended programmes by year-end

Romania has a chance to partially or fully unblock the operational programmes pre-suspended by the European Commission, Eugen Teodorovici, adviser to the prime minister’s working team said Thursday.

‘There is a chance for Romania to partially or fully unblock, by the end of the year, the operational programmes, depending on the measures the European Commission will accept from Romania,’ said Teodorovici.

About the pre-suspension procedure, he said this is a usual procedure to which the European Commission resorts when a member state of the European Union faces serious problems in managing European funds.

He added that the Government received a pre-suspension letter from the European Commission, but the letter still gives Romania a chance to solve its problems with the European funds, and do so in two months’ time.

The state adviser assured that the Romanian Government is doing its best to remedy the deficiencies mentioned in the letter, saying that it is carrying out a dialogue with the European Commission, but ‘it is quite hard to remedy all the deficiencies in such short a time.’

On Thursday morning, the European Commission services informed the Romanian authorities by letter that they had decided to „pre-suspend” the greater part of three programmes co-financed by the EU’s structural funds. This was in response to serious deficiencies in the management and control system of the Transport, Regional and Increase of Economic Competitiveness programmes. The problems lie in the areas of public procurement, sound financial management, and in the prevention and detection of fraud and conflicts of interest.

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