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The Land of Fagaras, included in the EDEN network


The Land of Fagaras, central Romania, has been included in the EDEN network of European destinations of excellence at the EDEN annual meeting this week in Brussels, the Brasov Agency for Travel Development reported on Friday.

The recently concluded EDEN meeting called ‘Stronger together – Expanding the European Destinations of Excellence Network,’ included in the network, alongside the winners of the participating countries in the five previous editions, of the next prize winning destinations, so now each country is represented by the winners of the previous national editions.

EDEN currently comprises 90 destinations from 26 European countries.

The Land of Fagaras was represented by the Brasov Agency for Travel Development, which was invited to participate as the drawer of the material that in 2008 won an award under the ‘Tourism and local intangible heritage.’

The European Destinations of Excellence is a project promoting sustainable tourism development models across the European Union. The project is based on national competitions that take place every year and result in the selection of a tourist ‘destination of excellence’ for each participating country.

The key feature of the selected destinations is their commitment to social, cultural and environmental sustainability. The recipients of the award are emerging, little known European destinations located in the 27 Member States and candidate countries. The EDEN project helps to spread the sustainable practices used in the chosen destinations across the Union and to turn these places into all-year-round venues. The process thus aims to help de-congest over-visited tourist destinations.

The development of this project is backed by the European Commission, which launched the project in 2006.


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