Corlatean about new alert service by SMS: It observes Romanian data protection law


Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean said on Monday that the new alert service by SMS launched by the ministry observes all Romanian rules and law on personal data protection, stressing that Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not get access to personal data and that telecom operators send warning messages to Romanian citizens.

„In a world which is still fairly complicated, with conflicts in certain regions, along with natural disasters and other elements that can affect citizens’ travel safety and the safety of Romanian citizens living abroad, Romania’s Government launches an alert message through SMS,” said Corlatean upon launching the new alert SMS message of MAE.

He explained that when a Romanian citizen arrives in other country posing travel risks, he will get an SMS warning him about the risks, along with the welcome message, the moment he turns on his mobile device, an SMS including coordinates of Romania’s embassies or consulates which they can resort to, in case of need.

He added that it is Romania’s duty to provide support for its citizens abroad.

As for Minister of Communication Dan Nica, he said the system launched represents a concrete support provided by the Government to Romanian people travelling abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched on Monday in the presence of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the alert service through SMS to warn citizens travelling abroad in states with a certain degree of risk due to domestic conditions. The project was developed by MAE together with four telecom operators.

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