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Tonitza tops best selling Romanian painters, in auctions of past ten years


Nicolae Tonitza tops the best selling Romanian painters in the public auctions of the past ten years, reads the Top 100 best selling Romanian painters launched, at the Bucharest-based Cesianu-Racovita Palace, on Monday Oct 29.

According to the release Artmark House sent to Agerpres, it is Nicolae Tonitza who tops the rankings with Nude in the Thalamium, an oil painting adjudicated for the record price of 290,000 euros, at the Artmark Winter Auction, in 2011.

Nicolae Grigorescu is the second best selling Romanian painter with Tarancuta odihnindu-se (Peasant woman resting) sold for 270,000 euros, at the Art Nouveau and Romanticism Auction, in 2011, while Camil Ressu ranks the third with his oil painting ‘Aise’ sold for 160,000 euros at the Artmark Summer Auction, in 2009.

The same top ranks Stefan Luchian the fourth his Spring Flowers being sold for 155,000 euros at the Artmark Spring Auction in 2011. Number five is Ion Andreescu with ‘Ulcica cu flori de camp (Pot with wild flowers) sold for 135,000 euros at the Masters of Romanian Painting Artmark Auction in 2011. Marcel Iancu comes the sixth with The Port adjudicated for 130,000 euros, at the Artmark Summer Auction, in 2009.

Ion Tuculescu ranks the seven, with his Enchanting Sea sold for 105,000 euros at the Artmark Spring Auction in 2011.

Theodor Pallady is the number eight bestselling painter, his Nude with Yellow Scarf sold for 75,758 euros, in the Alis Auction, in March 2007.

Victor Brauner comes the ninth with Portrait for Later or Portrait of Ion Minulescu adjudicated for 75,000 euros at the Artmark Avangarde and Expressionism Auction, in 2012, and Constantin Artachino comes the tenth with Landscape from Dobrogea sold for 67,5000 euros, at the Orientalism Artmark Auction, in 2011.

The Top of the best selling Romanian painters at the public auctions in Romania, over the past ten years along with Top 300 of the wealthiest Romanians were launched by the Capital magazine, at the Cesianu-Racovita Palace.

The first edition of the Top 100 most valuable Romanian painters also includes a supplement showing the most beloved women painters and sculptresses, the best-selling contemporary artists and artists famous abroad. It is for the first time that art lovers are to know the most passionate art collectors in Romania.


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