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Andrei Marga: We shall continue programmes we started at ICR and shall develop other new ones

President of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Andrei Marga told a news conference on Wednesday that the institution he had been running would preserve a number of programmes of the ones that were developed in the previous years and would develop other new ones.

According to Marga, a first programme of the ICR managers is putting an end to the organization of the institutes abroad, their ‘being brought back to normal,’ such as ICR in Brussels, which has no headquarters, or institutes without their own libraries or which are not involved in this country’s cultural life.

‘All institute managers must answer a question: ‘How can one promote Romanian culture there?” said Andrei Marga, who made it clear that ‘anywhere in the world, the institutes must consider planning resources.’

Andrei Marga said again that they would set up institutes in Beijing, Moscow, Athens and Kiev. The ICR president voiced hope that there would be enough financial resources to take these steps. They will also continue making translations and will strengthen the attractiveness of works, whose authors will be talked about by the creation unions, making room in culture and the exact, social, philosophical or theological sciences, said Marga.

‘We are concerned about the presence of Romanian culture in libraries the world over,’ said the ICR president, who also mentioned again Romania‘s participation in book fairs, in theatre and film festivals, in prestigious musical events.

He said that ICR wanted to urgently publish the monthly titled ‘The Review of Romanian Books’ that is to include articles and reviews of the representative books from various fields of culture and civilization, which should make it easier for readers in other countries to know the culture and the public debate in Romania.

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