Funding pressure to be lower next year

The funding pressure put on the state budget will be much lower next year, given the deficit target and the macro-economic indicators, Public Finances Ministry’s deputy director general Laurentiu Dumitru Andrei told a news conference.

‘When looking at the indicators and the pledged (budget) deficit for next year, we see a cut. The funding pressure will be much lower’, Andrei stressed.

He added the ministry is considering the same maturities.

‘We want to go out on the domestic and foreign market and to, why not, develop the (national currency) leu market and the secondary market, first and foremost. It has been announced that Barclays have included us in their index starting next March. Actually, it is about a block of government securities issued by sovereign (states) that will be quoted and bought by the interested investors, not only by Romania. Included in this package is not only Romania, but also various sovereign states. The entire market is being monitored, including the U.S. and European one. We are looking for an opportunity’, the ministry official said.

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