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Austria Chancellor: We have no guarantee we’ll find a solution to EU budget in January

There is no guarantee to finding a solution to the European Union budget in January, visiting Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said during talks with Romanian President Traian Basescu at the presidential Cotroceni Palace.

Faymann made the remark as part of the talks about the conclusions of the European Council meeting from Nov. 22-23, on Basescu‘s request.

‘We have reached an agreement regarding the amount, at the next Council we’ll probably have the budget’, said Basescu, adding that establishing the amount of the EU budget is an extraordinary step.

The Austrian Chancellor, on the other hand, stressed there is no guarantee a solution to the EU budget will be found in January.

‘I am sorry we had a range of contradictory discussions in front of ourselves. I think it is a tough mission for President Herman van Rompuy to find a common solution among these very different arguments. I think we do not have the guarantee we’ll find a solution in January. I am in favour of finding a solution, a compromise, but there are very different arguments between: we need more money for investments and a cut in the amount of money; agriculture; the first and the second pillar; about Great Britain’s allowance’, Faymann said, adding ‘Britain has not stepped back a single centimetre, while Austria will lose the allowance’.

He said he hoped the European Council president will find a solution to this case.

The Austrian Chancellor asked whether the amount is fixed, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked for a cut in the EU budget. Basescu answered ‘yes’ and explained the budget should be cut another 30 billion euros.

Faymann voiced hope the EU budget cut would not target the agricultural, but the bureaucracy chapter.

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