Superior Council of Magistracy to choose its new leadership


The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) is to be reunited on January 4, to elect a new president and new vice president, who will lead the Council in 2013.

 The mandate of the current CSM leadership – Alina Ghica, president, and Oana Schmidt-Haineala, vice president – expires on January 6.

According to CSM website, the agenda of the plenary meeting of January 4 includes both the election of a new leadership, and the presentation of the Superior Council of Magistracy activity report on 2012.

CSM has 19 members: nine judges and five prosecutors elected by the magistrates on the occasion of the general meetings of the law courts and of the prosecutors’ offices and validated by the Senate, two civil society representatives elected by the Senate and three rightful members – Minister of Justice, President of ICCJ and Romania’s General Prosecutor. The elected members have a six-year mandate, without the possibility of re-election.

According to the Constitution and Law 317/2004 on the CSM, the Council is headed by a president, assisted by a vice president, who belong to different sections, on a one-year term, which cannot be renewed.

The president and vice president are elected from among the 14 CSM elected members, with the right to run only for the nine judges and five prosecutors elected by the general meetings of the law courts and prosecutors’ offices. The CSM rightful members cannot candidate for the office of president and vice president: the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the General Prosecutor of Romania, the Minister of Justice and civil society representatives.

The CSM leadership is elected by vote of the members of the plenum, and if the president is a judge, the vice president must be a prosecutor and vice versa.

Those who apply for a CSM leadership position have to prepare a managerial project, to persuade their colleagues on the vision they have in relation to managing the Council’s competencies and to resolve issues related to human resources in the judiciary and the ongoing projects.

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