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Transgaz expects natural gas demand to total 22 mln MWh in January


The Romanian total natural gas demand for Jan. is put at 21.992 million megawatt hour (MWh), reveals a proposal made in the substantiating report drawn up by national gas supplier Transgaz that was sent the National Energy Regulatory Authority.

Transgaz expects the demand in the regulated market to stand at over 9.629 million MWh, with 4.041 million MWh of it being aimed at the non-household consumers and 5.27 million MWh at the households. The eligible consumer market demand is put at roughly 10.163 million MWh, while the technical consumption (which is not applied the gas mixture structure) is forecast to amount to 1.24 million MWh.

The natural gas mixture for the non-household consumers, except for the heating producers, will be made up of domestic output gas (49.8 percent) and imported gas (50.2 percent), shows Transgaz proposal.

The Regulatory Authority assented that the natural gas mixture aimed at the household consumers and the heating producers should be 94 percent made up of domestically produced gas and 6 percent imported gas.

The demand approved by the Authority stands at 7.784 million MWh.

The regulatory body assented that the natural gas for the non-household consumers, except for the heating producers, should be made up of 60 percent domestically-produced gas and 40 percent imported gas.


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