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Film director Sergiu Nicolaescu dies at age 82


Film director Sergiu Nicolaescu died at the age of 82 on Thursday at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest, TV news channel report.

 Sergiu Nicolaescu, who was suffering from a benign chronic digestive disorder, underwent a laparoscopic surgery on Dec. 28 at the Elias Hospital.

In early Dec., Sergiu Nicolaescu, who was a senator of the Social Democratic Party in the 2008-2012 term, thanked his colleagues for the years they spent together, announcing he did not candidate for the Dec. 9 parliamentary election because he wanted to dedicate himself to his profession in the last years of his life.

Director, actor and producer Sergiu-Florin Nicolaescu was born on April 13, 1930 in Targu-Jiu, the county of Gorj (south-western Romania).

Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics in 1952, he practiced engineering at the ‘Al. Sahia’ Studio until 1965.

The beginning of his directorial career was marked by a series of short movies. His first feature movie named The Dacians (in co-production with French-London Film, 1966), in which he also acted, proved to be a great Romanian success, being also screened abroad.

Considering the number of his productions (over 50 feature movies), Sergiu Nicolaescu is the most productive Romanian film director by far, at the same time being compared to the most active film-makers worldwide.

Throughout his career, he approached different types of movies (including the actuality film, TV series, comedies, psychological dramas, biography movies), but he surely had a vocation for historical dramas and action movies.

His filmography includes ‘Mihai Viteazul’ (1970), Clean-handed’ (1972), ‘The Call of Gold’ (1973), ‘The Immortals’ (1974), ‘An Inspector Accuses’ (1974), ‘Accident’ (1976), ‘The Punishment’ (1976), ‘Mr. Marin the Billionaire’ (1978), ‘The Payback’ (1978), ‘The Last Nigh of Love’ (1979), ‘The Trap of Mercenaries’ (1981), ‘William the Conqueror’ (TV series, 1981), ‘The Ring’ (1983), ‘Ciuleandra’ (1984), ‘Francois Villon – The Vagabond Poet’ (1987), ‘Mircea’ (1988), ‘The Crown of Fire’ (1990), ‘The Mirror – The Beginning of the Truth’ (1993), ‘Point Zero’ (1995), ‘Triangle of Death’ (1999), ‘Orient Express’ (2004), ’15’ (2005), ‘The Survivor’ (2008), ‘Carol I’ (2009), ‘Poker’ (2010, his second comedy after Mr. Marin The Billionaire).

Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, after a script of Emil Slotea, ‘Carol I’ describes the last months of the life of the King and the controversies between Carol I and the members of his Cabinet, amid the beginning of World War I. Nicolaescu embodied King Carol, a character he also played in 1977 in another production ‘For the Country’.

In Jan. 2010, ‘Mihai Viteazul’, Sergiu Nicolaescu’s movie that appeared in 1970, ranked 3rd in a ranking drawn up by the US film website IMDb (Internet Movie Data base) in the category ‘Historical Movies’. His production becomes the most watched Romanian movie worldwide.

After the 1989 Revolution, when he took part in the Bucharest events, Sergiu Nicolaescu decides to engage in the political life and becomes a senator of the National Salvation Front and then of the Social Democratic Party. He did not candidate in the Nov. 2004 parliamentary election. He won his fifth mandate in Parliament, becoming a Bucharest senator on the PSD lists after the Nov. 30, 2008 election.

Sergiu Nicolaescu has been the director of the Creation Studio ‘Star 22’ since 1990.

He published several books with respect to 1989 Revolution: ‘The Revolution. The Beginning of the Truth’ (1995); ‘A Senator Accuses’ (1996; the 2nd edition in 1998); ‘The Book of the Romanian Revolution. December ’89’ (1999); ‘The Fight for Power. December ’89’ (2005), ‘Polenta exploded! December 1989’ (2011).

In Jan. 2008, after an accident from a fall, Sergiu Nicolaescu underwent two brain surgeries. The director, a real fighter both in his life and his movies, has recovered quickly. Three months later, on April 11, 2008, he launched a new movie from the series of Inspector Moldovan entitled ‘The Survivor’.

Sergiu Nicolaescu was a member of the Society of Film Authors in France.


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