Tourism on bicycles, between Romania and Serbia

Administration of the County of Timis (west), through Banat Waters, will pass this year to the implementation of a project aimed to exploit the cross-border tourism potential, including a cycling trail along the Bega River, downstream to the city of Timisoara.

The Serbian partner in this project, worth 2.35 million euros, is Zrenjanin Town Hall and will have as funding sources the European Union, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and Timis County Council, with a participation of 2 percent to the total eligible for this project, ie, 52,526 euros.

„The project is currently in pre-contracting stage, a visit in the field is scheduled on July 31, after which budget revisions are to be made”, Ionel Vlaicu, Director of Timisoara Banat Waters, said.

The track for cycling, 40 kilometers in length, will be positioned on the river dam and will have a width of two meters throughout, allowing traffic on both directions. It will start near Modos Bridge (Timisoara), following the route Sofocle Embankment – Freidorf Industrial Park – Utvin – Uivar – Otelec (last locality in Romania) and will continue in Serbia, until Zrenjanin locality.

Two other projects submitted by Timis County Council will receive European funding – the „Study on exploitation of tourism potential along Romania-Serbia Bega Canal and promoting joint priority investments in the cross-border area” and „Support for small and medium-sized enterprises by developing an e-business infrastructure in Timis County and in the neighboring district of Serbia „.

The main concepts underlying the development of Bega Canal zone are protection for already existing green spaces, parks and markets which should be connected by a continuous route, set to ensure permanent accessibility to the green spaces, improvement of possibilities for recreation and leisure time spending in Timisoara, by using existing opportunities offered by green spaces and public spaces that can be extended through revitalization and their arrangement.

In the inter-war period, Bega banks were arranged and Timisoara benefited of a beach of over two kilometers, with a swimming pool, 500 booths, hydrotherapy, restaurant, bar, dairy, hairdresser and other utilities. In the summer evenings, the tourists could enjoy military music on the embankment, while Venetian festivals took place in a specially animated atmosphere, and barges sailed to and through the West, on the waters of Bega Canal.


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