„Junii Sibiului” folk ensemble opens Tourism Fair of Vienna

The oldest and most valuable professional folk ensemble of Romania, ‘Junii Sibiului,’ on Thursday, January 10, will open with a folk dance from the heart of the country, from Hartibaciu Valley (Sibiu County, central Romania), the 38th edition of the Tourism Fair of Vienna, together with the Austrian Capital Mayor, told choreograph Silvia Macrea, manager of ‘Cindrelul – Junii’ Sibiu County Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture.

This year, the star of Romania’s stand will be Sibiu, the only three-Michelin-star-city of Romania (since 2012) and the first city to have been European Capital of Culture, in 2007.

‘It is an honor for us to represent not only Sibiu, but Romania in the Tourism Fair of Vienna, which we, basically, shall open with a performance on Thursday, starting at 10,00, after the speech delivered by the Austrian Capital Mayor. ‘Junii Sibiului’ will have several performances each day during the Tourism Fair of Vienna, both on the broad stage, as well as at Romania’s stand, which, from other years’ experience, will surely represent an attraction sight for the visitors. Each time, when we have been to a tourism fair, we drew around us most tourists, delighted with our folklore, costumes and unique instruments of Romania, such as the pan-pipe or the cymbal,’ choreographer Silvia Macrea explained.

The dancers of Sibiu, in traditional costumes of all the representative folkloric regions of Romania, will take the tourists on a musical journey through the Romanian folklore.

Even on the second day of the Tourism Fair of Vienna, on Friday evening, the Viennese and the tour operators of the tens of countries participating are invited to a Romanian traditional evening, at Romania’s stand, when not only the folklore, but also our traditional cuisine will be presented.

Last year, Sibiu was present in the tourism fairs of Austria, Germany and the UK.

The City Hall finds that the number of tourists is increasing in Sibiu, the increase in the hotel fee revenues last year standing as evidence. The tourist season peak in Sibiu is on the summer months, from June to August, included. The two tourists’ information centres of the Municipality of Sibiu have been visited by 26,000 tourists from 73 countries, most of them being the German tourists, over 8,000, followed by almost as many Romanians.

Sibiu has an accommodation capacity of 4,000 places, in 135 hotels, motels and guesthouses, with an additional 430 restaurants, bars, pubs, wine cellars, were meals can be served.


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