Premier Ponta: List of people benefiting by RA-APPS housing to be published on Government’s site


Premier Victor Ponta said that the full list of people benefiting by houses from the Public Corporation for the Administration of the State Protocol Heritage (PA-APPS) would be published on the Government’s site.

‘On the site of the Government they will publish the full list of all people who benefit by houses from RA-APPS, what area the house has and how much they pay for it. … I have asked the general secretary and he will have it published,’ the Premier told the private TV station B1 TV.

He said that he did not know how many officials benefited by a house from RA-APPS and that did he know what ministers did not ask for it either.

‘I have not requested anything. I do not need it, I am very well where I live,’ Ponta added.

The Premier made it clear that, depending on the public reaction to the list in question, he would be able to take ‘a legal measure.’

‘For the time being, the only thing pertaining to transparency will be the one that we shall publish the full list on the site,’ also said Ponta.

According to the Premier, the publication of the list under consideration on the Government’s site might also have an ‘inhibiting’ effect on some officials, who thus could no longer ask for a house from RA-APPS.

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