Victor Ponta: President and Government observe law when empowered the latter to issue ordinances


There is no conflict between the Government and the President, both institutions having acted legally and constitutionally in terms of the law on the empowerment of the Government to issue ordinances, and it is Cluj-Napoca mayor Emil Boc the sole who has found himself speaking thoughtlessly, although he is supposed to be acquainted with the procedures, as he used to be Romania’s Prime Minister, PM Victor Ponta said.

„The President acted definitely constitutionally and legally when, on Friday, he promulgated the law on ordinances, the Government, likewise acted absolutely legally and constitutionally, as a issue simple ordinance cannot be issued until the law ewpowering it to issue ordinances were not promulgated.. The single one who acted both illegally and unconstitutionally and recklessly was Mr, mayor Emil Boc who has no excuse as were he a mere mayor it could be said he had no idea which the proceeding was, i.e, that it is the President who promulgates the law, and the Government may issue ordinances, three days later.

Mr. Boc used to be Romania’s Premier, but I’ve no idea why he came and said such nonsense, on Sunday, Ask him why in three years while at rule he failed understanding, which procedure was. It is no misunderstanding or conflict between th President and the Government because the President acted legally and constitutionally. The Government acted legally and constitutionally, as well. The sole who spoke nonsense was Mr. Boc, so he’d better have the taxes levied. If not, it is his problem, but the Constitutional Court is to come and check,” PM Ponta told a news conference, held at the Social Democratic Party (PSD) headquarters.

According to PM Ponta, there is no problem between the Government and the Presidency.

It is an incumbent mayor and an ex-Prime Minister who does have a problem, as he either has no idea of which the law is, or he has resumed his demoniacal methods, because nobody asked him yesterday whether he knows it or not. (…) He relied on the fact you would not ask him, if. I had no idea that Mr. Boc is reinventing himself politically, they have a fight there in the PDL, but I’d like him stop being ridiculous, if possible.

Therefore he failed understanding that after three days after a law is promulgated, it comes into force. It is serious, do you realize who Romania’s Prime Minister was? The Constitutional Court is not mine, but the country’s. I mean, he was the single mayor who was not allowed to ask such a question, because he used to be Romania’s Prime Minister, and he was supposed to know that three days after the President promulgates the law, the emergency ordinance the President promulgated should come into force.

The other mayors may not be acquainted with it, no problem, but he may not,” USL President stressed.

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