Companies have to change „commercial company” name in foundation papers, within two years


The Romanian companies whose name includes ‘commercial company’ formula, have to replace it with ‘company,’ over the coming two years, namely starting Feb 1, 2013, read data issued by the National Trade Registry Office (ONCR).

The Office published the list with the companies whose logos include the ‘commercial company’ wording and they are to replace it in accordance with the stipulations of Law 76/2012 on the enactment of Law 134/2010 on the Civil Code.

The Law reads that it is recommended that the commercial company formula should be replaced with ‘company,’ in the foundation papers of the companies whose logo include such a wording, and this in compliance with the provisions of Article 226, Paragraph (1) of the law on 287/2009 on the civil code saying that a juristic person (a company) bears the name established in accordance with the legal terms, through its foundation papers, or by its statute.

Among the big companies on the ONRC list covering 40 counties and Bucharest, it is worth mentioning Electrica SA, Hidroelectrica, Termoelectrica, ICEMENERG Service, a Transelectrica branch, ROMARM, Enel Banat and Astra Asigurari.

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