Prime minister plans to slash ministers’ advisors, leading central structure positions


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said at the start of the Government’s meeting that the number of the ministers’ advisors will be slashed and, by March, the number of the persons holding leading positions in the central structure would be halved.

‘Today we make a small step for the budget, but a great step for the idea we want to communicate. We are slashing the number of the advisors to each minister, state secretary and agency head ranked as a state secretary. It is a signal which afterwards, by March, each of the ministers must continue, after the budget is approved, namely they must halve the leading positions in the central structure – i.e. managing directors, directors, heads of services. You’ll see that the ministries function with half the leading positions just as well,’ Ponta said, adding that ‘the central structure which is not absolutely necessary must be further cut, where applicable’.

The Prime Minister also evoked the possibility that a ‘genuine’ restructuring should be made by mid-year with respect to the deregulated structures and the companies having many employees.

‘We’ll discuss with the IMF and the Finances Ministry about the possibility to, at a certain moment, better pay those who show performance, but it depends on the restructuring of the central structure. We’ll then take steps forward for the regionalization. I think we should do the same with the deregulated structures, first and foremost, since nobody knows now how many thousand people we employ there. /…/ We should, this year, manage to make genuine restructuring, not one of 25 percent (for all). We should make meaningful restructuring and should explain why we have cut 5 persons in one place and 500 hundred in another. These are goals we can attain in the first part of the year’, Ponta underscored.

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