Several TV channels fined for improper comments on demise and funeral of film director Sergiu Nicolaescu


The National Audiovisual Council of Romania (CNA) fined several private TV channels for making improper comments about the demise and funeral of film director Sergiu Nicolaescu during the TV shows broadcast between Jan. 3-5.

Romania TV has been fined 100,000 lei, B1 TV 30,000 lei, Antena 3 20,000 lei and Realitatea TV channel 10,000 lei, with the euro trading at 4.37 lei.

The CNA members imposed fines whose values increased gradually, depending on the gravity of the articles that have been violated.

‘The majority of the violations of the audiovisual media law occurred during the TV programmes broadcast by the Romania TV channel. It was only natural to impose different fines,’ interim vice president of CNA Rasvan Popescu said.

Alexandru Jucan, member of the CNA, voiced disagreement over this differentiation, by calling for a unitary approach.

The Legal Department of the CNA said that all of the four TV channels have violated Article 45 of the Code regulating the audio-visual content, according to which everyone has the right to privacy when facing difficult moments, such as an irreparable loss or any other unfortunate event. Except for the Realitatea TV, the other channels have been fined also for having infringed the articles of the Audio-visual Law and of the Code regulating the audio-visual content that forbid the broadcast of unverified information.

The legal representatives of the TV channels voiced discontent over not having been provided with the monitoring reports in order to be able to prepare their clients’ defence as best as possible.


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