Victor Ponta: We propose budgetary discipline, instead of austerity


The Government proposes budgetary discipline, instead of austerity, development through supporting the private environment and social equity, Premier Victor Ponta said on Thursday, January 10, at the end of the presentation of some elements of the budget for the current year.

‘There are historical conditions that only history can judge, but over the past four years, especially the main elements of fiscal and budgetary policy consisted of austerity, underdevelopment, as, obviously, when you cut off very much you also have underdevelopment, this was seen in the GDP decline – and the inequity – the fact that the cut-offs and the austerity measures were applied against the rules of social balance. What we propose is the following: instead of austerity, budgetary discipline, which is a little different, certainly, development through what we are trying to do in the public investment area and through supporting the private environment and social equity, what we did in 2012 and we further support in the future budgets,’ Victor Ponta said at the Victoria Palace.

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