Liviu Dragnea: Regionalization not to be made on ethnic criteria, but on development criteria, by this year-end


Regionalization will not be made along ethnic lines, but on the basis of development, economic criteria, the main objective of the administrative organization, respectively the establishment of administrative regions, being to reduce development disparities, said Deputy PM Liviu Dragnea, also Minister for development.

„The counties will not be dismembered, staff will not be increased, no public spending will go up”, Dragnea pointed out on Thursday in a broadcast by Antena 3.

He announced that he was going to talk on this subject will all political parties, including the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), with representatives of civil society and specialists, because this project, which is due by the end of 2013, is maybe the most important one for Romania since the Revolution in December 1989.

„There will be very broad discussions. I plan to create at the ministry’s level a kind of advisory council. Perhaps this is the most important project after the Revolution. Talks will be held with all political parties, including with UDMR, with civil society, with people who have expertise in the field and absolutely all proposals that are good will be accepted „, Dragnea said.

The Deputy PM continued by saying that the manner in which the president of the region will be elected – directly, indirectly – is to be established on the occasion of future local elections.

In his opinion, regionalization is necessary primarily because Romania may lose a lot of money, but also the strategic development model in most developed countries.

Liviu Dragnea stressed that a package of competence and attributions, which will be defined in the next period, is to be taken from the central government.

„These prerogatives will be transferred to the regions. As well, the national roads, except European routes, will be transformed into regional roads and managed by the regions, by assigning the respective competence at regional level”, Dragnea said, mentioning that, in the future, the region could be a partner of the European Commission. „Our decision aims this year-end”, Dragnea stressed.

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