Minister Corlatean, Algeria’s Ambassador and SMG chief, present at deceased Romanians’ repatriation ceremony

The aircraft of air transport fleet 90, type C-27 J Spartan that repatriated the two Romanian nationals who died following the terrorist attack of In Amenas landed at Base 90 Otopeni on Tuesday, at 7 am local time, National Defence Ministry officials pointed out .

According to them, at Air Transport Base 90, a religious service took place, with the participation, together with the families of the two Romanian citizens, of Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlatean, Chief of General Staff Stefan Danila and Algeria’s Ambassador in Bucharest Habib Chawky Hamraoui.

The bodies of the two citizens are going to be sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Prahova County.
National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa approved a military flight to Alger for the repatriation of the two deceased Romanian nationals, at the request of Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean.

The death of the first Romanian was announced by Premier Victor Ponta on Saturday, who said that the other four Romanians had been rescued. On Sunday, MAE informed that one more Romanian national, who had managed to leave the In Amenas area, died in hospital because of serious injuries.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry voiced its ‘profound disappointment’ for the way in which it was informed by the Algerian authorities about the situation of the fifth Romanian encountered in the area attacked by an Islamic group, who died in hospital.

‘From the information held by the Romanian authorities, it results that the death occurred in hospital following the serious injuries. MAE voiced its profound disappointment for the fact that the Algerian authorities did not inform us correctly, completely and in due time concerning the real condition of the Romanian citizen,’ MAE Secretary General Robert Cazanciuc told a press conference.

Algeria’s Ambassador in Bucharest Habib Chawky Hamraoui on Monday announced that the Algerian authorities sent very clear messages to the authorities of Bucharest with data on the five Romanians involved in the terrorist attack of In Amenas.


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