A waterfall in Romania among unique falls in the world

The journalists at The World Geography made up a rankings of the unique waterfalls in the world, first coming Bigar waterfalls in Romania, reads Jurnalul National newspaper.

Bigar waterfalls (western Romania), one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania, tops the rankings. It is exactly on parallel 45 and is unique due to the way the water falls.

The waters of the strong spring Bigar flow into Minis river, falling from a height of 8 metres on a moss-covered calc-tuff. The waterfall is always violent and frothy even if where it is a low humidity. A wooden bridge over Minis allows access to the waterfall, and a path goes up on Bigar Valley till the spring. Bigar riverbed is covered with calc-tuff, and the water falls from step to step, making up a series of mini-waterfalls, in which the dark green of the moss mingles with the glinting green of the waters.

The waterfall in Romania is followed by the Eternal Flame Falls in the US, whose name comes from the natural gas emissions in a grotto which allows for a flame to be lit, permanently fuelled from underground gas.

The rankings of the „Eighth unique waterfalls of Earth” is completed by Asik-Asik waterfalls of the Philippines, the Horizontal Waterfalls of Talbot Gulf in Australia, The Blood Falls at the base of Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, Svartifoss Falls (in Skaftafell National Park of Iceland), Baatara Gorge of Lebanon, the Hierve el Agua Falls of Mexico.


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