Parliament plenum approves modifications to Deputies’ and Senators’ Status

The legislative proposal on the Deputies’ and Senator’s Status was adopted on Tuesday during the plenary sitting of the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate, with 309 votes in favour, 56 against and one abstention.

The document continues to stipulate the provision as regards the accommodation of the MPs without residence in Bucharest or in the county of Ilfov (south), as well as providing them with a lump sum of money worth at least half of a deputy’s or senator’s gross monthly salary to cover their accommodation expenses, as far as the MPs with no residence in Bucharest or Ilfov are concerned.

No change was made as regards the procedure for holding in custody, arrest, investigate an MP. On the other hand, the document does no longer include the provision according to which the term of an MP ends when the court issues a final and irrevocable ruling on the existence of an unjustified wealth and the state of incompatibility in accordance with the Law on Declaring and Controlling the Dignitaries’ Fortune.

According to the status, the employees with an employment record book or civil contract of a parliamentary bureau can be hired again at the cabinet of the same deputy or senator also in the new term, in case of a re-election.

In addition, the document maintains the provision reading that the family members of a deputy or senator or his/her relatives to the third degree can be employed at the respective parliamentary bureau.

On the other hand, the deputies and senators who renounce the car they are entitled to in order to carry out their activities during office shall receive a lump sum of money to cover their transport expenses in the respective constituency.


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