Ministry of Economy and academic environment to make up working group for reindustrialization of economy

The Ministry of Economy and the economic research institutes in the Romanian Academy as well as other specialist structures will make up a working group for using the studies made by experts and for making the academic environment get involved in the strategies and projects on the reindustrialization of the Romanian economy, according to a release issued by the Ministry of Economy.

Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian and Secretary of State Adrian Ciocanea met Professor Gheorghe Zaman, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, manager of the Institute of National Economy, Professor Valeriu Ioan Franc, DSc, manager of the Centre of Economic Information and Documentation, Simona Poladian, DSc, manager of the Institute of World Economy, and Mihai Sabin Muscalu, DSc, manager of the Centre for Economy of Industry and Services.

In point of the general approach to reindustrialization, they intend, when it comes to Romania, that, starting from the preponderant involvement of the private business environment in economy, the state should play the part of an arbiter, not of a main player in the Romanian economy, informs the Ministry of Economy.


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