Ponta: Draft budget for 2013 to be sent to Parliament on Wednesday


The Government will sent the draft budget for 2013 to the Parliament on Wednesday after approving it in the Government meeting, announced PM Victor Ponta, asking the ministers to go to the special commissions of the Legislature for discussions on this matter, starting with next week.

He said in the beginning of the Government meeting at Victoria Palace that he had the last discussions around the budget with the IMF delegation on Tuesday night, delegation on an evaluation mission in Bucharest.

„Basically, we have met all the conditions today. We expect the approval from the Fiscal Council as well. Tonight, the Parliament will have the draft budget. There are five days for amendments,” said the PM.

He asked the ministers to go personally to the special commissions of the Parliament when the budgets for the institutions they lead will be discussed.

The Government members met on Wednesday in a session to approve the draft budget for this year.

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