Basescu: We should not forget our forefathers’ model


Romanian President Traian Basescu sent a message on the 154th anniversary of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities celebrated on Thursday, in which he says the Romanians should not forget their forefathers’ model, as they today have the duty to pursue and respect their aspirations, that moved them to fulfilling the national unification goal.

‘The Unification of the Romanian Principalities into one country on January 24, 1859 was an act of high political will and national solidarity. The Principalities Unification was a first moment of the Romanians’ asserting themselves as a nation, but also a moment having marked the turning of the new state towards the Western civilisation and its values. The sovereignty of the law, the political responsibility and the modernisation of the institutions became the foundation of the new nation with perseverance, in the centuries that followed’, Basescu says in the message.

‘Our forefathers’ model should not be forgotten, today we have the duty to pursue and respect their aspirations that moved them towards fulfilling the high goal of the national unification’, says the message delivered by the President’s Office in a release.

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