Crin Antonescu: A nation has the last word regarding its destiny


Senate President Crin Antonescu said on Thursday during his speech held on occasion of the events surrounding the Union of the Romanian Principates that the lesson we can draw from the Union of 1859 is that a nation has the last word regarding its own destiny.

Antonescu sent a message for unity, devotion and solidarity for the years to come.

„In January 1859, not only the Romanian Principates united, but also elites, aspirations, enthusiasms. The major historic moments are made by nations and leaders who really represent their nations. We have two such moments which marked our history, which completed it and it is no coincidence that the two moments are the two Unions, the one in 1859 and the one in 1918. The lesson given by the Union is not only that when its leaders represent the nation, they represent their aspirations and are followed by the people and they achieve, but also that a nation has the last word regarding its destiny. In 1859, its destiny had been carved differently by the great powers, by the great diplomats of the time. The words and the will of the people was heard, expressed by powerful, brave and devoted leaders, and the history of the world changed together with the national will,” said Crin Antonescu.

He showed that „today, more than ever,” we need strength, trust, devotion, solidarity for the years to come.

„The best thing about these festive days when we bow before the memory of our great forefathers, is to propose ourselves each day to unite all the energy, hope and aspirations of this nation, either with a small part of our thoughts and deeds. I wish for me and for you the strength and faith to be together all Romanian people in the years to come,” said the Senate president.

At the end of his speech, Crin Antonescu sent a „long live” message to all Romanian people and Iasi citizens for a strong Romania.

In the absence of President Traian Basescu who did not participate in the events around the Union of the Romanian Principates, Senate President Crin Antonescu was the one who received the military salute.

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