Interpol official: Romania ranks third by use of international system data


Romania ranks third by the receipt and use of Interpol-held data, and is fourth in the world by the amount of new data fed into the international system, Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization Ronald Noble said on Thursday.

The official came to Romania at the invitation of the head of the Romanian Police, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Romania’s joining the Interpol. The Romanian state is one of the Interpol founders and was among the first countries to have entered this international organization.

„Interpol is ready to support law enforcement in Romania and abroad with a view to maintaining a very tight cooperation aimed at ensuring the security of the citizens all around the world. Romania is one of the first countries in the world to connect to the global secure communications system. In 2012 Romania accessed the Interpol database more than 19 million times, which means a daily average of over 52,000 accesses; this makes Romania the 12th largest user of the 190 member states worldwide (…). As for data input, Romania is the fourth contributor in the world. Romania ranks third by receipt of information,” said Ronald Noble.

In turn, head of the Romanian Police Petre Toba said that Romania is a safe country, which is also due to police cooperation via Interpol.

„Romania is a safe country and this is due to the very good international cooperation the Romanian Police has developed with peer institutions via Interpol. (…) Romania is one of the biggest beneficiaries and users of the information tools made available by the Interpol. It is the third largest European user of the databases managed by Interpol, the more so as these make an important operational contribution to efforts to secure the external borders of the EU and of the Schengen Area. The very good cooperation 2012 statistics also testify of reveals over 150,000 exchanged messages, over 1,500 people pursued internationally by Romanian authorities, arrested or located abroad for further extradition, over 1,100 fugitives returned to Romania, major contributions to the Interpol databases, participation in projects and actions of the organization, but also more than 35,000 judicial police staff having accessed the Interpol database,” said Petre Toba.

He also stressed that the Bucharest Interpol National Central Bureau is an elite structure of the Romanian Police he is proud of, and which is cited as a role model of good practice to all member states.

„Over 60 percent of the staff of the Bucharest Interpol Office attended training courses within the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon. Beginning January 15, a Romanian police officer is holding a senior position with the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon” added Petre Toba.

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