Health Ministry: Co-payment not applied to emergency services, outpatients, family medicine, medical tests


The co-payment will not be applied to the emergency services, outpatient facilities, family medicine or medical tests, as well as to children, pregnant women, retirees with pensions lower than 700 lei/month, sick people included in national healthcare programmes, with no source of income from labour, war veterans, the Health Ministry reports.

According to a release issued on Monday by the Health Ministry, the modest amount and the regulation governing the implementation of the mechanism will be established in line with the framework agreement.

The Health Ministry also informs that the legislation in force stipulates the enforcement of the co-payment mechanism, according to Law No. 220/2011 on amending Law No. 95/2006.

„This provision was one of the requirements discussed and agreed with the international institutions (IMF, EC, WB) as early as the previous years. In this context, following talks with the International Monetary Fund, at the proposal of the Health Ministry, it was decided that a modest co-payment should be introduced only in the hospitals sector, as a control mechanism of the unjustified and fictitious admissions. We must say that this form of co-payment will be applied only in the hospitals, where the costs are higher. Therefore, the co-payment will be paid when the patient is discharged,’ the above-quoted release reads.

Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu said on Monday that it was agreed during the discussion with the IMF that the co-payment should be modest, pointing out that Romania committed that it should be implemented for the discharged cases only, as of March.

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