Minister Dragnea: Development regions in Romania must turn operational by December 2013


Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday that the development regions in Romania must turn operational by Dec. 2013 at the latest, and the leadership structures should be already elected, in order to become direct partners of the European Commission.

‘We cannot come up with the bill in Parliament until the Constitution is not amended. The notion of region should be considered as an administrative-territorial unit. We plan to hold a referendum on the modification of the Constitution in September. Immediately after the referendum, we shall submit the entire package of laws to Parliament and prepare the institutional framework necessary for the regionalization. After the modification of the Constitution and the inclusion of the notion of region, the position of president of the region and the manner in which the president and the Council of the respective region are elected must also be included in the electoral legislation,’ Liviu Dragnea said.

He also said that ‘the regionalization process will be carried out in parallel and in close connection with the decentralization process.’

‘The Government will assign a range of competencies to various regions, mainly related to the regional development. In addition, the process aimed at decentralizing competencies from the ministerial level to regions and counties will trigger personnel cuts in the decentralized structures in counties and implicitly in the ministries, the staff will be reduced, given that a significant number of competencies is assigned to the local structures,’ Dragnea pointed out.

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