Romania to send 10 troops to EU Mali training mission

The Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) at a meeting approved dispatching 10 Romanian Army forces troops to the European Union’s training mission in Mali this year.

„Our country’s contributing training staff and General Staff officers to this mission is in agreement with the obligations incumbent upon it as a European Union member and with the expressed support for the EU moves to stop the terrorist and organised crime acts”, the Presidential Administration said in a release.

The Romanian Army, this year, will dispatch 2,036 military to missions and operations outside the Romanian state’s territory, the source added.

„The number of such forces is cut by 312 military as compared to 2012. As regards the Interior Affairs Ministry, the forces to take part in missions sponsored by NATO, the EU, the OSCE and the United Nations will total 490 military or policemen. This is by 143 persons more than in 2012”, the President’s Office said.

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