Equality in law, reconstruction of state – Vasile Blaga’s motion for PDL chairmanship

Chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Vasile Blaga handed in to the commission on organizing the Extraordinary National Convention in March the motion with which he runs for the chairmanship of the party that is titled ‘Just Romania. PDL – Politics leaving slogans aside’ and has „equality in law’ and the „resconstruction of the state as a space of active citizens’ as its central outlook and aim for the next ten years.

Vasile Blaga shows in the above-mentioned document the political position of PDL as a right-of-centre party that consistently supports ‘capitalism and democracy’ as well as its European affiliation to the ‘big political family of the European People’s Party.’

A central aim of the motion refers to ‘the efficient management of the country in the interest of all citizens from a long-term prospect that should ensure the conditions of a democratic, stable and sustainable development of the society.’

When achieving this aim, the party headed by Vasile Blaga plans to ‘rebuild the relation between citizens and politics by extending the social and civic dialogue with all nongovernmental organizations in order to ensure the cohesion and the conditions of the sustainable development,’ but also the ‘political dialogue’ with ‘all democratic parties when it comes to goals of national interest.’

The motion also refers to the government on the basis of values of ‘the political field and the public space in general.’

‘The values stated by PDL, depending on which the party pledges to work in political life are the following: dignity of the human being, justice, liberty, equality, solidarity, responsibility, subsidiarity, all of them contributing to the common welfare, and as a consequence of all this, democracy. … Private property is a condition of liberty and an inviolable right. … The person’s safety is the natural prolongation of dignity and liberty in society. It is a natural right and the state is responsible for its protection,’ reads the Blaga motion.

Other fundamental landmarks of the PDL activity, according to the above-mentioned motion, are the ones connected to the ‘defence of the values of the family, especially as an answer to the challenges of the demographic tendencies and of the decrease in the birthrate as well as the care for ensuring the right to education.’

Another principle assumed by the motion is the one of promoting equal opportunities as an inalienable right of man as well as the creation of a social economy on the market.

As long-term aims, 2013-20, the Blaga motion supports, among other things, filling the economic and social gaps of the Romanian society from the average of European states; the consolidation of the position of main force on the Romanian political stage; the increase in the share within the European People’s Party.

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