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ICPE-CA launches Beta TCP human bones restoring granules


Think tank of the National Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering (ICPE-CA) launched beta-tri-calcium-phosphate (TCP) granules, a biocompatible product which restores human bones, and it might be for sale in Romania for 40 euros per gram, instead of round 200 euros as similar foreign products cost.

The product is successfully used in oral surgery, is reparative and regenerative, osteoinductive and biodegradable equivalent of autogenous bones, and a bone graft substitute, effective in enhancing the repair of both cancellous and cortical bone defects. It heals without decayed bone to be removed, but it gradually regenerates it.

ICPE-CA technical manager Elena Enescu told a news conference that the medicine’s name is Beta TCP granules and it repairs deficiencies like cysts, it increases and restores the level of the alveolar crest, after oral surgery.

‘The products is not advisable in case of acute or chronic infections of the area to be operated on, or metabolic disorders like hypercalemia or hyperphosphtemia, as the bone recovery happens best when blood infiltrates the substitute tissue,’ Enescu said, adding that the project was developed by a team made of researchers of the ICPE-CA Department for Advanced Ceramic Materials.

ICPE-CA general manager Professor Wilhelm Kappel emphasized that the Beta TCP granules do not require special storage conditions, and they can be very well kept at room temperature.

‘The medicine has been developed and tested in two surgeries, since 2009,. There are also similar products, abroad, but they are much more expensive. We wanted to make a same good but cheaper Romanian product. The product is currently available in 0.5 or 1 gram bottles, and the price is negotiable depending on the quantity to be ordered. The product will be patented during the months ahead, but it is certified to be used in oral surgery.

ICPE-CA also plans to certify the product for orthopedic surgery as well,’ Kappel stressed.


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