Boc Government dismantles 700,000 jobs in 3 years and a half

The Boc Cabinet dismantled 700,000 jobs, within three years and a half, one Romanian of seven lost their jobs during the (Democratic Liberal Party) PDL ruling, Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian told the Chamber of Deputies plenum.

The title of the censure motion clearly reads that Senator play with words, same as they did with politics, over the past years.

According to the title, The Ponta Government – a Jobless Maker, I have no idea which figures the motion’s signatories have had in view, but taking into account that the first who signed was Deputy Roberta Alma Anastase, an well-known expert in non-Euclidian arithmetics, any conclusion seems possible,’ Vosganian said during the debates on the vote of no confidence dubbed the Ponta Government – A Jobless Maker.

Vosganian stressed that according to the data supplied by the National Statistics Institute and the National Prognosis Commission, the average number of employees dropped from 5.05 to 4.34 million, in economy during the Boc ruling, over 2008-2011.

‘Thus, the motion’s signatories who teach us lessons about the employment laid off 700,000 people in three years and a half, while at rule. One Romanian of seven got jobless during the PDL ruling. According to the above-mentioned institutions, there were 140,000 new jobs in 2012 compared to 2011. So, if USL that brings 140,000 new jobs is a factory of unemployed, you are a genuine Cernobil, when it comes to layoffs,’ Economy Minister Vosganian concluded.


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