Germany would have opposed Romania joining Schengen anyway, waits for CVM final report

Germany would have opposed Romania’s entry to the Schengen Area this year anyway, even if elections in Germany had not been held this year, the most important thing is the final report on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), depending on which Berlin will take a decision, State Secretary with Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior Christoph Bergner said in Sibiu.

„I believe the decision would not have been different, we would have maintained our stance even if elections in Germany had not been held this year. We are waiting for the result of the CVM report, depending on this final report, we shall make a decision,’ the German official said.

According to him, the stance of the Interior Minister of the German Cabinet mirrors the official position of the Berlin Government, but at the same time he admitted that the position is also political, being influenced by the election campaign for the parliamentary elections to be held in Germany this year.

‘As regards the position of the German Interior Minister on this matter, the German Interior Minister was always open and he always voiced clearly his skepticism on Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area. Therefore, there is nothing new and I do not think that such a statement can be considered an act of populism. (…) 2013 is an electoral year in Germany, an election campaign is also underway, I know from experience that certain statements tend to acquire bigger influence,’ the German secretary of state said.

A session of the Governmental Romanian-German Joint Commission on the Issues of German Ethnics in Romania is underway in Sibiu (central Romania). Romania’s delegation is chaired by State Secretary George Ciamba, while Germany’s delegation is led by Christoph Bergner, Secretary of State and Federal commissioner for national minorities.

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