Prognosis on GDP growth in 2013 to 1.6 percent is revised downwards by the National Prognosis Commission

The National Prognosis Commission revised downwards the estimate on the growth of the gross domestic product in 2013, from 2 percent in the autumn variant to 1.5 percent in the 2013 winter prognosis.

Thus, according to the new projection of the main macroeconomic indicators for 2013-16, this year Romania will see 623.3 billion lei in the GDP from 648.7 billion lei as it was previously estimated.

In 2014 the gross domestic product will increase by 2.2 percent, to 660.6 billion lei (plus 2.5 percent, to 689.4 billion lei in the 2012 autumn prognosis), in 2015, by 2.8 percent, to 696.3 billion lei (plus 3.3 percent, to 730.1 billion lei as previously estimated) and in 2016, by 3 percent, to 734.7 billion lei (plus 3.2 percent, to 771.5 billion lei in the 2012 autumn prognosis).

A similar growth of the GDP is estimated for 2013 and 2014 by the European Commission too, in the winter economic predictions, according to which Romania’s GDP will have a modest growth, by 1.6 percent, in 2013 and a more marked one in 2014, by 2.5 percent, mainly due to the increase in the domestic demand, which is supported by investments.

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