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Dan Dungaciu: Early elections would remove Chisinau even from European discrete interest map


The optimal scenario for resolving the crisis in the Republic of Moldova, where the Executive headed by Vlad Filat fell after a censure motion, is to accept a new Prime Minister also from among the Liberal-Democrats and to hold the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) at rule, according to director of the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Romanian Academy, Dan Dungaciu.

In his opinion, the current Deputy PM Iurie Leanca – the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration – or Deputy Minister Natalia Gherman could be proposed for the Government’s top position. Instead, Filat’s insistence to keep his function could lead to early elections.

In this context, the expert said that eventual early parliamentary elections would remove the neighboring state „even from the discrete map of the European interest”.

„Currently, at Chisinau, the European integration and European track of the Republic of Moldova are not at stake. It is actually an episode of internal struggle in the AIE, triggered in early 2013. Things are not however clearly cut from the prospect of European integration, because the most dramatic is not to have one person or another at the Republic of Moldova’s helm, but to maintain the Alliance for European Integration at rule and avoid early elections „, Dan Dungaciu told AGERPRES.

Consequences of the internal struggle in Chisinau can be early elections or continuation of AIE, by resetting it, Dungaciu summed up, contending that, „for now, there are institutionalized opportunities to keep the Alliance at rule and avoid early elections.”

In his opinion, the proposal for the PM position should provide a guarantee to the Republic of Moldova’s European track.

In connection with the European route, Dungaciu estimated that the Republic of Moldova has lost a lot of prestige, and at the Eastern Partnership Summit, which will take place in November, in Vilnius, it will not be able to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, in ongoing negotiations since 2010.

„It is plausible that it will receive eventually the initialling of a political association – initialling means that none of the parties is bound by that document – that and nothing more. But in case things go from bad to worse, ie to early elections, maybe the Republic of Moldova will not even appear on the mentioned agenda „, Dungaciu also said.

He spoke, as well, about the impact of the current crisis in Chisinau on Transnistrian settlement negotiations.

In this respect, Dungaciu stressed that eventual early elections might bring to power a coalition of the Left, which would force a settlement of the Transnistrian conflict „in terms wished by the Russian Federation”, context in which the European vector of the Republic of Moldova ” is to become a memory „.

„My feeling is that Romania has nothing to do. Romania, same as Romania’s partners, is powerless at the moment, in conditions in which the transcripts mentioned above, by the way speaking of Mr. Filat, have made a very bad impression not only on the population of the Republic of Moldova – because for the average man it seems normal to hear the Prime Minister giving orders to subordinates, even if he breaks a lot attributions – but also on Westerners in Chisinau and not only in Chisinau, who saw those transcripts with the eyes of another, including the Romanian diplomats. From this point of view, certainly there is some reticence, but they have nothing else to do, but hope that the Republic of Moldova’s European track will continue „, Dan Dungaciu concluded.


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