PM Ponta:We have in view no deadline for Schengen accession, it does not depend on Romania

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told B1Tv television, that the Government no longer sets a deadline for Romania’s Schengen area joining, and that it does not depend on our country.

PM Ponta made the statement after meeting President Traian Basescu, ForMin Titus Corlatean and Minister of Interior Radu Stroe, at the Cotroceni Palace.

Ponta stressed that Romania would no longer ask that its Schengen joining to be voted on in the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council, due on March 7-8.

‘Probably the Netherlands would vote same like Germany. It is out of question we should ask for the vote, I’m sure Germany, usually is not alone when it comes to voting, as it is however one of the three or five top EU Member States. Practically one single vote, like the right to veto that Germany officially announced, is enough and this is the reason why we think it is useless to trespass on the EU usage. When a country announces it is going to use its veto, no vote is best, and a compromise is advisable for the time ahead,’ said PM Ponta, also voicing hope that Bucharest will succeed to make Germany change its stance, particularly after September, when elections are due in this country.

‘We’ll try a political decision, at a favourable moment, so that we should join Schengen, sometimes. When is it to happen, I don’t believe anybody knows the answer, and this has nothing to do either with USL, or with our domestic fights.

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