Romanian authorities recall aflatoxin-tainted milk from market


The Romanian authorities have recalled a quantity of aflatoxin-tainted milk from the market, Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin announced.

The minister explained the contaminated milk was found in a storage facility and at a seller in Romania.

„The milk came from Hungary, but was also of Romanian origin. All the products have been recalled from the market. It is an alert we have triggered, given that aflatoxin can cause cancer and we do not want it to be a hazard to the human health”, Constantin stressed.

He explained that aflatoxin-tainted products affect human health only if eaten in large quantities, over a long period of time.

„I do not think this is the case, because we have immediately withdrawn all the products in the market. I asked the National Sanitary Veterinary Agency to make all the tests and I’ll make all data available to you after I learn the results”, the minister said.

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