Romanian President Traian Basescu addresses MPs on Tuesday about European policy issues


Romanian President Traian Basescu is going to speak in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, March 12, at 15:00 p.m., following to address such issues of a current interest on the European agenda, in his first speech before the new Legislative, elected on December 9, 2012.

On March 7, the Romanian head of state handed a request to the Speakers of the two Chambers of the Romanian President to speak before the Legislative on March 12. The President’s request was made under the Articles 88 and 65 of the Romanian Constitution.

On Monday, the Standing Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate decided to have the President speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, at 15:00 p.m.

Last time when President Basescu addressed to a joint session of the Romanian Parliament was on July 6, when the two legislative chambers voted for his suspension.

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