Basescu: If we did what we should in 2010, now we must do our best for macroeconomic consolidation

Romania must do its best to ensure its economic growth and macroeconomic consolidation and the most important source it has at hand is the European money, said President Traian Basescu at the end of the spring European Council on Friday.

‘If you allowed me, I should draw a conclusion referring to us and concerning the conclusions of this council and I would say that in 2010 we did what was necessary to get our macroeconomic stabilization, we must now continue a process of consolidating the macroeconomic stability. But if in the year 2010 we did what we could, what life compelled us to do and chose, with all our deep regret and all the political impact, the correct solution, the solution of the rapid recovery, in 2011, 2012, 2013 we must do what we can in order to ensure our economic growth and macroeconomic consolidation,’ the Head of State told a news conference.

He emphasized the fact that Romania must do its best to lay ‘the foundations of a higher economic growth.’

‘And what we can do now or what we should be able to do would be to use the European money. It is an extraordinary source for us,’ said Traian Basescu.

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